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4 Leadership Skills Children can Learn in Ramadan

27 Apr |09 : 52


Ora – Nursery of the future would like to wish you a blessed Ramadan.

Ramadan is a time when your child can learn ethical values and acquire leadership skills to get them ready for future changes and challenges. 

During the holy month of Ramadan, encourage your child to participate in the various activities taking place around the UAE to celebrate the occasion. From decorating the house to donating and sharing food with the needy, observing Ramadan can build on your child’s development skills. 


Watching you fast, your child will have a lot of questions. Why do you fast? What is Ramadan? and When will you eat? Use this opportunity to teach them about the concept of patience, a skill they will need to develop into successful leaders. 

Patience is an important leadership skill as it improves productivity, time management and decision making. 


Teach your child about charity this Ramadan by donating money, food or toys. Donations will teach your child about creating impact and making a difference. Two qualities that our future leaders should obtain from a young age.

Family and Teamwork 

Ramadan is a time when the family gets to spend time together at home and around the Iftar table. Your child will cherish these moments forever. As your little one to help set up the table or prepare a salad. It could be a great way to teach them about teamwork and keep them busy for some time. Helping at home will build your child’s sense of pride in what they do. 


One of Ramadan’s greatest traditions is sharing your food with your neighbours. Asking your child to join you while you take a plate of the food you prepared before Iftar to your neighbours will grow their sense of community.

Growing the sense of community helps children acquire leadership skills such as empathy, motivation and facilitation.