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Capturing the aura of ideas

Although Ora is an English-speaking nursery, our educators have the capacity to converse in Arabic when required. Our unique framework will provide your children with the opportunity to learn in English, while you teach them their native language at home.
Ora’s fee structure is grounded on flexible-attendance options. We encourage you to visit our website and set up an appointment to view our facilities where we can further discuss a plan that suits your needs.
Separation anxiety is common, but through Ora’s unique orientation process, our experienced team of professionals will ensure that you and your child undergo a stress-free transition. For new families, we recommend transitioning gradually, beginning with an hour on the first day and then gradually building it up towards a full day.
Ora combines leading international models for early-childhood learning and our own unique research, as part of the Zayed Early-Learning Framework. Our pioneering framework was crafted to prepare children to face the demands of the 21st Century. Ora is accredited by the Ministry of Education as well as the Dubai Health Authority.
At Ora, we support a healthy, balanced lifestyle. As there is no substitute for a wholesome home-cooked meal, we ask parents to pack a lunch for their child. We then ensure that your child sits down for their lunch and snacks at set times, introducing structure and positive rituals to their day. Water stations are available throughout our facility, so your child remains hydrated and refreshed.
3-year-olds are still very young, and it can be overwhelming to adjust to the stress of going to a big school. Being the oldest in the nursery is better for their confidence than being the youngest in a school. Your child’s familiarity with Ora’s educators and routine will pave the way towards a smoother, more pleasant experience for both you and your toddler.
Ora offers FS1 so we can continue your child’s development and provide them an extra year to build their resilience. That does not mean our FS1 class is easy; our FS1 educators will be working attentively with you and your child to prepare him/her for the ‘big school’ environment.
Ora’s FS1 is a recognised class following standard learning outcomes combined with the added benefits of our unique framework. Ora’s exclusive approach to education means your child will soar through FS2 and KG1 with ease.
Research has shown that exposing your child to a conducive learning environment early on leads to rapidly multiplying neural connections. Positive childhood experiences can ensure your child grows up to be intelligent, articulated, and self-assured. Ora’s Zayed Early-Learning Framework aims to empower each child to unlock his or her potential on an individual learning journey. By harnessing the principles of self-guided discovery and family-based learning, we aspire to equip children with the mindset and skills to develop as leaders in a rapidly changing world.