Sand pit

Playing in the sand is a wonderful way for children to enjoy uninterrupted time exploring their imaginations and curiosity – alone or with their peers. Whether it’s dug with a spade, sifted through fingers, used to bury objects, or shaped into castles, sand takes many forms and offers endless opportunities for little ones to develop their fine motor skills, creativity and imagination.

Nurturing tomorrow’s leaders

Ora – Nursery of the Future

Our inventive nursery was conceptualised and designed by award-winning interior-architecture practice Pallavi Dean Interiors, an authority in early-years education design. Our nursery boasts a soft-play area with dedicated monochrome space, mindfulness zones, sensory sections, exploration corners, a Mars Lab, and an English-Arabic book room, with some of the featured reads having been written by our team. Every element of our nursery has been designed to develop curiosity, independence, communication, coordination, motor skills, emotional intelligence and a love of learning. We want little ones to focus on the present so they can develop their visions for a brighter, more sustainable future.