Learning Framework

Guided by the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ora has developed the Zayed Early-Learning Framework to empower young individuals to unlock their full potential. Founded on the pillars of leadership; happiness and positivity; advanced science; and technology and coding, our leading framework serves as a springboard for children’s imaginations. Our educators complement child-initiated teaching techniques using inventive technology that transforms our nursery’s physical structure into a ‘silent’ third teacher. Through pioneering interactive lessons and immersive technology, Ora launches young people on a journey of intellectual exploration, opening up inquisitive minds and developing the leaders of tomorrow.

Amplifying the boundless creativity of childhood



2-12 Months

Ora’s flexible and gradual orientation process has been designed to ensure your family’s home-to-nursery transition goes smoothly. From trust-and-connection exercises to baby massage, tummy time and yoga classes, our highly-trained team will help your little one ease into his or her new routine quickly and easily. Your child’s safety is our primary concern, which is why all of our educators are all First-Aid certified. We also have fully-qualified nurses on site, and we adhere to all child-adult ratio set out by MOE/KHDA.


1 - 2 YEARS

Bill Gates once said that the first five years have everything to do with how the next 80 turn out. Our flexible child-initiated learning techniques – that encourage educators and young people to work together to teach and learn simultaneously – motivate little ones to choose their own activities, learning styles and paces. This develops confidence, creativity and curiosity. All of our educators are First-Aid certified, and we have two fully-qualified nurses on site. We adhere to an educator-to-child ratio of 1:4 for children aged 13–24 months.


2 - 3 YEARS

When developing our visionary Zayed Early-Learning Framework, we were inspired by leading international early-childhood educators. We paired their ideas with our own extensive research to create experiential teaching methods that empower young people to play active roles in their learning journeys. Our educators play a vital role in not just the development of your children, but our early-learning framework too. Here, young people mentor and teach peers alongside educators, facilitating a community-focused space that fosters leadership, responsibility and empathy.



We believe that being the oldest in a nursery – as opposed to the youngest in a ‘big’ school – is fantastic for three-year-olds’ confidence. Our Zayed Early-Learning Framework acknowledges the power and wisdom of play and features a timetable that perfectly balances fluid curiosity-based learning and more routine-based teaching time. Our child-led learning methods boost curiosity, natural talents, creativity and confidence and – during FS1 – we will gently introduce your child to the idea of following a more structured learning routine, thereby ensuring a happy ‘big’ school transition later.



We involve children in a range of stimulating tasks, offering them a full spectrum of learning experiences, from sensory exploration to locomotor-skills development, linguistic skills to physical play. In addition to our standard schedule, we also offer extracurricular activities that prompt little ones to develop at their own pace. Our robotics classes teach children how to use technology and coding to build robots, while – on the sportier side – football classes foster team spirit, physical movement and self-confidence. Kids yoga is ideal for bestowing the principles of mindfulness and positivity, while our Boogie Babies classes broaden little ones’ cognitive skills through the enjoyment of music and sounds. Whatever they’re doing, young people always interact in mixed-age groups, creating opportunities for learning from older children, younger peers and educators.

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If you’d like your little one to attend a nursery that believes play, curiosity, innovation, creativity and exploration are important parts of the learning process, then Ora is ideal for you. Facilitating future-conscious education through our original Zayed Early-Learning Framework, Ora is pioneering the future of early-childhood development from Dubai. There are two ways to register your child: 1. Apply online 2. Download Form

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Registration Procedure

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